Episode 40080
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How Salvation Began

With H.M.S. Richards Sr.

Listen to a classic broadcast from radio pioneer, H.M.S. Richards Sr., our founder. The Voice of Prophecy is bringing back timeless broadcasts recorded as early as 1929. H.M.S. Richards Sr. made history by launching one of the first religious programs to broadcast nationally.

Learning the Hard Way


By Discover Bible School

Okay, so let me back up some. I have been a believer in Christ since I was 16 years old. But, at age 18, my grandfather passed away. I was angry at God and rebelled. I started studying the occult, which led me to the Church of Satan. I started practicing magic and soon was lost in the dark arts. Then I married a woman who was Wiccan.

To God Be the Glory


By Discover Bible School

"Let me tell you a little about myself. My life has been marked by years of alcohol and drug addiction. I’ve been in and out of prison, in and out of treatment facilities, and in and out of relationships. Today, I am a new creature in Christ. This is my third incarceration and it has redefined me in so many ways. Even incarcerated, my life is so very rich and full of joy. I have His peace that guards my heart and a wonderfully intimate relationship with Jesus. It is exciting.

Thankful for Trash


By Discover Bible School

I am a 47-year-old male and I have been a drug addict since age 14. I have been married twice and have three children and four grand children. And, although I am in prison, I know that I have people who love me. 

In saying this, I have been in prison most of my life, with this being my eighth time back there. But, for the first time in my life, I've found true love in Jesus. 

Episode 20018
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Bible Answers: July 13

With Shawn Boonstra

There are certain topics that everyone ponders, such as the origin of life, salvation and sin. Today, Shawn answers more questions he's received as he's presented Bible-based meetings around the world.