Build a church in Canada’s Arctic—among one of the world’s largest unreached people groups. Local believers desperately needs a church. You can rent the Igloolik Community Center for them each Saturday until building supplies can be shipped when the ice thaws and the new church can be built.

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Rescue a young girl in India and give her the Gift of Hope! The Voice of Prophecy has teamed up with Asian Aid’s Operation Child Rescue to rescue young girls trapped in Bangalore’s brothels. These young girls from India, Bangladesh and Nepal are used and abused. You are their only hope for freedom and a new life.

You can provide a safe rehabilitation home for a broken young girl rescued from human trafficking in India. Give her a safe, loving environment in which to heal, where she can be taught new skills and learn about Jesus. Give her the Gift of Hope!                                                                                                     Model portrayal—illustrative only

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Big City Evangelism

Introduce a searching person to Jesus Christ. Evangelism has always been at the heart of the Voice of Prophecy. Recently in Minneapolis, more than 2,500 people were introduced to the saving power of Jesus. Many decided to follow Christ fully and were baptized. This year, the team will head to the Seattle area to share the hope that can be found in the prophecies of the Bible, all of which point to the love of Jesus.


Comprehensive Church Resource Package

Produce multimedia soul-winning tools and resources for local church outreach. The same top-quality evangelism and training materials the Voice of Prophecy uses in its large citywide campaigns are now being adapted for your local church. In October 2017, you will be able to invite your community to A Pale Horse Rides—a brand new series about Martin Luther and the Dark Ages. This special event is designed to pique your community’s interest in a deeper study of Scripture and historical events, and connect them with your local church. 

Bible Study Lessons for the Middle East

Translate the Discover Bible Study lessons into Arabic. The Voice of Prophecy Bible School was once a thriving ministry in the Middle East. But civil war and strife closed the office. Today, we are partnering with brothers and sisters in the Middle East to create resources for this region. We’re translating the Discover Bible Lessons into Arabic, and creating online access to these Arabic studies. We’re also developing a brand-new series of Bible lessons specifically to reach the wider Arabic-speaking population around the world.

Media Outreach

Share the gospel through radio, video and web broadcasts. We are now broadcasting from our new recording studio in Colorado. Our multimedia approach is proclaiming God’s love through radio, video, smartphones, tablets and computers. Very soon, we’ll launch a brand-new weekly live call-in show that will address topics people are talking about today. Not only that, but we’re going to be very intentional—more than at any time in our past—about using the broadcast to bring people into your local church! Your gift today will share hope over the airwaves (and Internet) with millions of people—a tradition established years ago by our founder. And in late spring 2017, a brand-new program for kids called Discovery Mountain will debut! Stay tuned for more details.

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