Senior Digital Producer/Editor

Media, Programming, and Production

The Job in One Paragraph

Hey there! Are you a creative, tech-savvy master of all things audio and video? We're on the hunt for a Senior Digital Producer/Editor who can work some serious creative genius behind the scenes. You'll be an administrative, creative and technical engine behind our TV program Authentic and kids' audio drama Discovery Mountain, lending your skills to everything from editing and mixing tracks to producing high-quality video content. If you are a committed Christian and embrace the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, you might be just who we’re looking for. We need a leader who's always on top of the latest industry standards and emerging audience engagement habits, but who's also comfortable taking direction from our post-production team. If you're a forward-thinking, initiative-taking, detail-oriented content producer and editing guru who's ready to bring your expertise to our team, we want to hear from you!

Don’t check every single box in this job ad? That’s OK—pray about it, and still consider applying!

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What Makes You a Candidate?

Key Skills:

We're looking for a creative ninja who's got some serious audio and video skills. You're a pro at building and managing the entire post-production process from start to finish, and you know your way around non-linear editing like it's nobody's business. Basically, we’re looking for someone who is:

  • Proficient in high-quality non-linear editing and post-production 
  • Experienced in producing podcasts, videos, and TV shows on tight deadlines
  • A whiz at wrangling data and organizing files
  • Innovative in finding new ways to connect with audiences
  • Experienced in managing RSS feeds and podcasts
  • A go-getter who can work independently and manage their time efficiently
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment and can adapt to changing priorities and sometimes ambiguous goals
  • Not afraid to jump in and tackle any task, no matter how big or small
  • Passionate about creating content that represents diverse audiences
  • Committed to ensuring content is inclusive for low-vision and Deaf communities 

Things We Like About You:

  • You’re deeply committed to Jesus Christ
  • Devoted, church-going member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • Excited about evangelism and doing it with modern and emerging tech
  • Skilled project manager—maybe you can teach us a thing or three!
  • You continually take the initiative to educate yourself on the latest tools
  • Skilled in multitasking and organizing both short-term and long-term tasks
  • Excellent communication skills
  • You work easily both alone and in team environments where personalities vary 
  • You’re good at supervising contractors and volunteers
  • Knowledgeable about latest media platforms and eager to share with colleagues
  • You know the difference between OTT, social media, and broadcast
  • You evaluate complex situations and flag problems before they’re emergencies

You Enjoy Keeping Up With These Things:

  • Social media (TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, plus the next popular thing), and how to use them as part of our digital-first philosophy
  • How people consume and engage with content
  • OTT apps and platforms
  • Smart assistants and smart speakers

How to Score Bonus Points—Not Required, But We’d Love It!

  • You love AI and machine learning: we’ve used it for years, and you will too
  • You understand the Microsoft goldfish attention span study
  • You can write easy-to-understand content for web, OTT, and other digital platforms with a knack for SEO, SEM, and keyword research
  • You understand IMDb and can manage entries for our flagship content
  • You understand digital media sales and come with ideas for increasing our reach on popular e-commerce platforms
  • You know people at Netflix, Amazon Prime, PlutoTV or similar
  • You can operate studio cameras, lighting, and control-room equipment
  • You collect and analyze data from modern analytics platforms
  • You can make solid recommendations for content and workflow improvements
  • You keep a pulse on multiple mainstream and niche tech publications
  • You’re comfortable explaining complex concepts and ideas to team members at all levels

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Education and Time on the Job


  • Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, media production, marketing, or advertising
  • Required: Bachelor’s degree 


  • At least 5 years’ hands-on experience in professional production, with an emphasis on audio and video production and editing
  • 1 year’s experience with web and social media content management systems

Target Hiring Salary Range:

  • $52,911-$67,608, depending on qualifications

About the Voice of Prophecy

Loveland, CO, just 45 minutes north of the Denver area and even closer to the majestic Rocky Mountains.

What We Do:
The Voice of Prophecy produces digital, radio, and TV content in support of our mission. Our motto is "Equipping the World for Christ to Come" and our media productions are part of our goal to tell others about Jesus. We’ve been around since 1929 and always on the cutting edge. The media portfolio includes the flagship TV and radio program Authentic, the kids’ audio drama Discovery Mountain, and numerous acclaimed historical documentaries.

Our Culture:
No drama. No office politics. Mission-driven. Team-oriented. Family-focused.

Some of Our Benefits:

  • Access to company-subsidized, world-class health insurance
  • Money for retirement, even if you don’t contribute
  • Matching retirement contributions in our 403(b) plan
  • Private school subsidy or homeschool stipend
  • Generous paid time off

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