About the Voice of Prophecy - "Equipping the World for Christ to Come"

The Voice of Prophecy exists to proclaim the everlasting gospel of Christ—leading people to accept Jesus as their personal Savior and nurturing them in preparation for His soon return.

A leader in religious broadcasting for more than 90 years, the Voice of Prophecy focuses on God's love and heralds the soon return of Christ—providing hope to broken people and guidance for daily living. Founded in 1929 by H.M.S. Richards, the ministry continues today under the leadership of Speaker/Director Shawn Boonstra and Associate Speaker Jean Boonstra.

The Voice of Prophecy can be heard in nearly three dozen languages, and Bible lessons are available in more than 70 languages. Local Discover Bible Schools have been established in more than 2,000 churches across North America, with hundreds more around the world. And humanitarian projects in countries such as India and Myanmar are meeting physical as well as spiritual needs. As the Voice of Prophecy looks to the future, it will continue to focus on sharing the love of Christ with a hurting world, while using present tools and anticipating yet-to-be-developed technology.
How We Serve
• Weekly radio broadcasts on hundreds of stations in North America—including the Disclosure Christian talk radio broadcast and the Discovery Mountain program for kids
• Free Bible courses, both print and online
www.biblestudies.com — courses in dozens of languages from Bible schools around the world
www.bibleinfo.com — questions answered, daily messages, prayer requests
www.kidsbibleinfo.com — Bible guides, games, stories, and more, just for kids
• Church-based events such as Final EmpireShadow Empire, A Pale Horse Rides and The Appearing.
• Christian resources for spiritual growth and sharing

Broadcast Venues
• Hundreds of radio stations, as well as the LifeTalk Radio and 3ABN Radio Networks—click here to find a station near you
• Stitcher
• Podcasts (www.vop.com/podcasts)
• Online at www.vop.com

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About Our Speakers


Pastor Shawn Boonstra is speaker/director for the Voice of Prophecy ministry. His broadcasts and books have been a source of inspiration around the globe, and over the years, his live events have been presented on every continent except Antarctica.

Each week, he hosts the Voice of Prophecy’s flagship broadcast, Disclosure. The program—which features his wife, Associate Speaker Jean Boonstra, and special guests—takes a look at current events and trends, with an emphasis on how the Bible’s perspective on today’s issues is more relevant than ever.

He also traverses the globe to hold live meetings, including his Revelation Speaks Peace series, which reveals that prophecy can be understood, and that it ultimately points to the hope we find in Jesus. He has held this series in places such as Rome, Portland, Phoenix, Andhra Pradesh (India), Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Seattle, Denver and Raleigh.

Shawn is also spearheading Discovery Centers, the Voice of Prophecy’s effort to provide local churches with resources and training to make their community outreach even more effective. Encourage your church to sign up at DiscoveryCenters.com to start reaching more of your neighbors for Christ.

In addition, events such as Final EmpireShadow Empire, A Pale Horse Rides and The Appearing are approaching Bible prophecy and issues like religious liberty from new angles. And many churches choose to follow up these events with Bible studies through the ministry’s Discover Bible School, which has seen more than 1 million graduates and is the largest Bible school in the Adventist Church.

The ministry’s reach extends worldwide, and current projects include various outreach programs in Myanmar and a rehabilitation home for young girls who have been the victims of human trafficking in India.

Prior to coming to the Voice of Prophecy in 2013, Shawn served as an associate ministerial director at the North American Division, where his role was to inspire, train and equip pastors and churches for evangelism.

Before this assignment, he served for seven years as speaker/director for It Is Written International Television. In his early pastoral career, he served as speaker/director for It Is Written Canada and pastored a number of churches in British Columbia.

He currently lives in Loveland, Colorado, and enjoys any activity that gets him out of doors and into the mountains, especially when his wife and two daughters join him.



Jean Boonstra is ​a​ssociate ​s​peaker for the Voice of Prophecy ministry, and ​e​xecutive ​producer for Discovery Mountain. Jean is the co-host of Disclosure, ​the ​Voice of Prophecy's flagship radio program, and the creator and writer of the Bible-based adventure audio series Discovery Mountain and the Discovery Mountain Vacation Bible School program. She is a prolific writer, including authoring eight books in the Adventist Girl series, which shares history through the eyes of young girls.

As a pastor's wife and mother, Jean is deeply committed to encouraging women to serve God and their families in the role that He has called them to. Jean is a frequent speaker at women's retreats across North America.

Jean has a passion for evangelism. As a university student, she attended a series of evangelistic meetings in Victoria, BC, Canada. She fell in love with Jesus, and since that time, she and her husband, Shawn, s​peaker/​director of the Voice of Prophecy, have followed God in His calling for their lives—to share Jesus.

Jean and Shawn ​live in Colorado with their two young adult daughters.

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