Dear Friend,

Our kids are in crisis. But I don’t have to tell you that. You have heard the reports on the news. You have read about cyberbullying and inappropriate texts. You’ve seen the content of television shows and movies become more and more evil as the decades pass. You’ve mourned the school shootings and skyrocketing rates of teen suicide.

This world can be a dark place. It IS a dark place for many kids these days.

Does that bother you as much as it does me? There is a good reason why children pull our heartstrings the way they do. It is our God-given duty to protect and care for children—and to raise them to follow the Lord.

Will you help us reach children with hopeful, timeless messages from the Bible?

Here at the Voice of Prophecy, we haven’t forgotten families. We prioritize ministry that reaches kids for Jesus. The world is working hard to tempt, entice, and ultimately destroy our kids. As Christians ministering on behalf of Christ—we have to fight back!

That’s why we developed our audio program for families, Discovery Mountain. My wife Jean does amazing work, writing each season around an important Bible story. She takes the rich lessons and puts them into action for the series’ modern-day characters and real-life listeners.


Since its debut in 2017, Discovery Mountain has touched thousands of families internationally. Every year, more and more listeners tune in to the program. In 2020 alone, we saw downloads of Discovery Mountain nearly double, from about 43,000 per month at the year’s beginning to around 85,000 per month by the end. And that’s only counting access via the program’s website and podcast platforms—it doesn’t include families listening on the radio or to CDs. The response has made it clear: families need and appreciate godly resources!

We hear from our listeners each week—parents and children thanking us for this program. But much of the thanks belongs to our supporters—because people like you are the ones who make it possible.

A listener, David, says, “We just discovered the Discovery Mountain series and my children are REALLY enjoying it! The COVID-19 lockdown was still going on and we had just finished following another series of great Bible stories. We were wondering what to do next. It sounds a bit cliché, but perhaps God sent us to Discovery Mountain at just the right time!” 

Another listener, Omar, writes the following: “As a father of two teenagers, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for these wonderful episodes. We listen to them as a family and discuss the issues and topics. Thank you so much for caring about our children and investing in this ministry.

I’m thrilled to offer the hope and light that only God can give to kids and families! What an incredible honor to share the good news of salvation with people of all ages.


If you truly want to understand the impact you are making when you support Discovery Mountain’s ministry, there is someone you need to meet.

E.Z. Cleghorn is one of our most enthusiastic listeners, and he credits Discovery Mountain with changing his life.

Thirty-something years ago, E.Z. was born months premature, weighing just one pound, and permanently blind. But he describes his life as blessed. E.Z. is outgoing, upbeat, and charismatic. He began singing confidently on stage as a young child and has performed with various famous musical artists. As a young adult, he went to college, completed his degree, and began teaching students with special needs at the local school.

But then E.Z.’s life took a turn.

“I had never had a bad day until a few years ago. Life was kind of amazing. But then I left the school system where I had been teaching for years, and my parents got very sick, very fast. My life turned upside down,” says E.Z. “I found Discovery Mountain at a time when I was at a very dark place in my life.”

And just like that, E.Z. was hooked on the program.

Discovery Mountain completely changed everything!” he says. “It gave me something to binge, to invest in, to get lost in, and it reminded me that there is a God who cares. I went from the life of King David to a complete wreck. Something had to get to me, and they did it. It’s not a sermon, but you can relate more to the characters, and situations, and the lessons [Jean] creates than I could from sitting in church every day of the week. It made me realize that everything, one way or the other, was going to be OK.”


E.Z. often mentions that kids need more positive content. And I couldn’t agree more!

“The kids in the school system today are more worldly aware and cognizant of things than ever,” he notes. “We can give them something that doesn’t sugarcoat life and gives them a perpetually positive outlook on life. There is a God who loves them and a place they can go to get answers to different questions. To give them something like this is amazing. It is one of the most important works that anyone can support. That’s why I do it myself!

As a faithful supporter, E.Z. puts his money where his mouth is. But he can’t do it alone. It takes a lot of prayer, time, and resources to create a program like Discovery Mountain. In fact, every year we invest more than $300,000 in producing the series. That’s a big price tag, I know. But the eternal impact is important. Together with E.Z., we can sustain this critical mission.

Please consider donating today to provide uplifting biblical content for children and families. We can’t overlook the needs of our young people. Jesus said, “Whoever receives one child like this in My name receives Me.” (Mark 9:37)

Let’s offer an alternative to the darkness so many kids face. Let’s introduce them to the God of light.

Your brother in Christ,

Shawn Boonstra
Speaker/Director, Voice of Prophecy