Dear Friend,

The ripple effect of sacrificial donations is evidenced in a post office box.

Yes, you heard me right—a post office box. In the 1930s, when the Voice of Prophecy was yet in its infancy, Box 55, Los Angeles, California, was secured to receive radio listeners’ inquiries and Bible study requests.

Over time, as the headquarters of the Voice of Prophecy moved to various different locations, other PO boxes took the place of Box 55 as the advertised address of the ministry. However, to this day, the original PO box has never been closed, even though the address has not been advertised for nearly 15 years.

Why? Because every week the Voice of Prophecy receives a box containing current mail from our previous addresses in California— including mail from Box 55.

The box is full of letters, monetary donations, Bible study requests, and returned lesson answer sheets. Recently I asked the Bible School staff how many Bible study requests, answer sheets, and responses we receive each week from this box, and I was astonished by their answer.

“Nearly 100!” they responded. Among these mail pieces, some are addressed to the original Box 55.

Recently we received completed answer sheets from series printed nearly 50 years ago!

Amazing—without being advertised, Box 55 is still helping people find Jesus! Talk about the ripple effect of sacrificial donations. Your gift today could start another wave of Gospel good, turning hearts to Him now and decades into the future.

Our box of mail from California arrived yesterday. Here is a note we received from Cindy:

“These studies have given me such a great revelation of God’s Word and a better understanding. I’ve enjoyed them so much and look forward to more Bible lessons.”

Cindy also shared her growing conviction sparked by these lessons:

“I am thinking about keeping the Sabbath. It will be a challenge, but I do agree that we should, and I will try. Please pray that God will help me to be humble and obedient.”

From a seed that was planted many years ago, fruit has sprouted. And this could only have happened with the support of faithful donors like you. Today, we have a warehouse full of lessons and literature ready to go out to the world, but we need your support to send them—and to respond when they come back, whether that be 5 days or 50 years later.

The Bible says to be faithful and go into all the world. To sow the seeds of the kingdom, because the Lord of the harvest tells us, “Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!” (John 4:35)

Right now, there are many Cindys searching for meaning in life. Through your support of the Voice of Prophecy Bible School, you can help plant the seeds of truth and hope in their lives. Your gift of only $25 will provide 500 Bible study enrollment cards to connect seekers to the life-changing answers found in Jesus. With $50, you can provide 1,000 enrollment cards.

The Holy Spirit is already preparing hearts for the harvest. Do you sense His call to help complete heaven’s work? The past has clearly shown His faithfulness in yielding spiritual fruit for your efforts and support. He’ll be faithful today, too. And tomorrow.

If you feel called to this last-day work, we invite you to join us. The impact of your contribution will be no ordinary ripple effect—you’ll see the results in eternity.

Yours in His service,

Kurt Johnson
International Bible School Director, Voice of Prophecy