Dear Friend,

It always tugs on my heart to hear a story of how one small, simple act made all the difference in someone’s life.

Fortunately, here at the Voice of Prophecy, this kind of story pops up everywhere. I’d like to share just a couple with you.


Andrew is in prison. He has a job there collecting garbage, and one day while working he stumbled across an enrollment card lying on top of the trash he was handling. It piqued his curiosity enough that he snatched the card up, filled it out, and mailed it in. Once he started studying, he wrote this to us: 

I am really enjoying these Discover Guides. I have learned a lot in each of the lessons and notes from my instructor. Now I am wanting to teach Bible school and guide people to the right path. If they don’t know Jesus, I want to help them get to know Him like I know Him.

I have always had God—Jesus—in my life, but I have Him in my life now more than ever since starting with the VOP Discover Bible School. I feel like I’ve become good friends with the Discover Bible School. The way you are guiding me, I want to give back and guide other people in the same way. Helping others brings happiness to me in my life. 

I think you and I both know: there’s no way Andrew finding that card was an accident. God planned all along for him to see it, take an interest, and send it in.  

Andrew’s sincerity has been obvious as he’s gone through his lessons. When he sends in his answer sheets, he includes relevant questions asking how God can forgive his sins when he can’t forgive himself. He wonders if God really loves him even when most of his family has turned away from him since he was sentenced. You can just feel Andrew reaching out for hope—the kind that only comes from meeting Jesus and embracing His gift of grace and eternal salvation.

And now the Lord is using Andrew, right there in his prison cell, to reach out and share that gift with others serving time.

That enrollment card was no accident!

If that story tugs at your heart like it did mine, then just think of all the “accidents” your gift this month could make possible . . . each a testimony to God’s amazing providence!

Let me tell you about another Bible School enrollment card whose discovery wasn’t accidental.


Nearly 70 years ago, a young married couple stopped by the home of the wife’s mother for a visit. While the wife and mother were talking, the young man noticed a black-and-white card lying by the fireplace. When he picked it up and read it, he saw that it offered free Bible study lessons from the Voice of Prophecy. 

As he inspected the card, his mother-in-law came into the room searching for it. She wanted to use it to start a fire! The young man asked if he could have the card instead—he wanted to mail it in and receive the Bible lessons. “Yes,” she said. “It was under the front door when I came home. I started to throw it away, but then I decided to keep it to use to light the fire.”

That young couple was Colin and Fleur Morris, future parents to Derek Morris. You might recognize that name. Pastor Morris is the current president of Hope Channel, the Adventist Church’s international television network.

Pastor Morris shares the details of the story in the book Just a Scrap of Paper:

So began a long spiritual journey that started before I was born. My parents began studying with the Voice of Prophecy by mail and completed two series of lessons. The local pastor, Peter Stearman, came to visit and gave my parents further Bible studies in their home. Shortly after I was born, my parents, previously active in the Baptist church, were rebaptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bristol, England.

They never discovered who slid the card through grandmother’s door—probably some dear soul waiting for the bus at the stop a few houses away. 

Thanks to that one enrollment card, Colin and Fleur went on to study at Newbold College and began a life of pastoral ministry together, sharing Jesus for over forty years in both England and the United States. Their son Derek also attended Newbold—and caught the same passion for evangelism.

Pastor Morris has personally shared the Gospel with many, many people in the churches and programs he’s led. Through his work as an educator, associate ministerial secretary for the General Conference, editor of Ministry magazine, and president of Hope Channel ministries, he’s also trained and empowered thousands of Adventist ministers and lay members around the globe to spread the Good News even further.

From one little enrollment card . . . a family passion for evangelism, a global pastoral ministry, and thousands of baptisms for Christ. As Pastor Morris says,

How amazed that dear soul will be on the resurrection morning to learn about the results of the little card he or she slipped under my grandmother’s door in England so long ago!

Turns out that card did start a fire. The fire of the Spirit to preach the Gospel!

There are so many stories like these at this ministry. And just like the enrollment cards that were destined for the trash and the fire but were found by Andrew and the Morrises, none of them are accidental. The fingerprints of God are all over them.

I can’t wait to share more of these stories with you. We’re kicking off 2021 as a year of thanking the Lord for using us—you and me—through the Voice of Prophecy by sharing testimonies of how lives were changed for Christ over the 92 years of this ministry. You’ll find them on our social media pages and at, where you can also share you own story—I'd love to hear it! 

I want you to hear these incredible stories because, quite honestly, they never would have happened without the support of people like you. If it weren’t for our supporters who strongly believe in this ministry and its Gospel mission, there’s no telling where the Andrews, Colins, and Dereks of the world would be today.

Your generosity and God’s perfect providence keep the stories coming.

Do you believe that God guides circumstances? That He speaks to every heart and makes all the difference in this life—and the next?

If something’s tugging on your heart, then that’s no accident. Join us as we tell the greatest story of all: “For God so loved the world . . .”

Your brother in Christ,

Shawn Boonstra
Speaker/Director, Voice of Prophecy