Dear Friend,

As we look around this month, Christmas lights and good cheer already announce the most celebrated holiday of the year. As people everywhere remember the First Coming of Jesus, we are reminded that we are one year closer to His Second Coming. And that’s good news!

Every generation that has anxiously waited for Jesus has been given a unique message to preach for their time. Noah, Jonah, John the Baptist, Martin Luther—all were given special truths to proclaim.

Today, we also have a unique truth for our time—a present truth found in Revelation 14—featuring three messages from powerful angels sent to warn the world that probation will soon close and Jesus will return.

That’s what we need to be proclaiming! But many people today—like Jonah—are running away, fearful of proclaiming the Three Angels’ Messages, afraid of what the world will think, and forgetting that the Holy Spirit is working on people’s hearts, preparing them to receive this truth.

Special times like the ones we are living in today require special measures for effective outreach.

Your Voice of Prophecy ministry believes that we exist for one purpose only, and that is to proclaim God’s end-time message and bring lost people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

That’s why next month, starting on January 5, we will begin the new year with a massive citywide series in Denver . . .

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