Dear Friend,

I greatly appreciate honesty, frankness, and people who truly express how they feel about a given topic or issue. For that reason, I’d like to share this candid testimony from Pastor Nathan Cranson, who spoke with our team in an interview about how he had not been excited to use my series on Revelation—and how all that changed.  

The Voice of Prophecy (VOP): What was your reaction to doing a series on Bible prophecy?

Pastor Nathan Cranson (NC): “I’ll be perfectly honest: when I found out the conference was doing an initiative on Bible prophecy seminars, I was disappointed and weary because I felt like over the years, I’d started to become more confused about Bible prophecy.”

VOP: What did you want to do instead?

NC: “I told myself I would just rather preach the Gospel. I’d rather stick with the other books of the Gospel and leave Revelation to the side.”

VOP: What did you decide to do?

NC: “In faith, I said, OK, let’s move forward, hoping I would have time over the summer to dig into Bible prophecy and make sense out of it. But I got busy and didn’t dig into it. Until finally . . . I had to dive into the [Bible] presentations. I started to preach messages one night after another . . . studying between messages.”

VOP: What were the results?

NC: “As I began to preach and teach the message . . . I began to develop very strong convictions that we are God’s end-time people. That we have a very special message that needs to be preached in this time. That this is our identity as Adventists.”

VOP: How did it personally affect you?

NC: “I was actually a little ashamed to see how I had completely lost sight of the importance of Bible prophecy.”

VOP: What did you discover? 

NC: “I saw that [this series] was very clear, very powerful and that it’s an amazing way to share our message with the world . . . I have three churches in the district, and I’m excited to do Bible prophecy in each and every one.”

VOP: Final comments?

NC: “I’m very, very excited about getting to preach Bible prophecy in every circumstance and every occasion when I get the opportunity.”


With your financial support, you can enable pastors like Pastor Cranson to utilize the series and tools we’ve developed to help finish the work. Our new Discovery Centers church partnership initiative is based on our belief that this ministry exists to support the local church. When a church becomes a Discovery Center, it’s the local office of the Voice of Prophecy, and part of our internationally-trusted brand. This way, the local church can be the Voice of Prophecy, proclaiming truth directly to the community.

And we are providing an extraordinary opportunity for God’s rescue call to humanity to be presented with amazing power!

On March 6, 2020, we will launch Revelation 2020, the largest evangelistic campaign in the history of the Voice of Prophecy. The goal is to have 1,000 churches, all part of our Discovery Centers network across North America, hold simultaneous series on this date—proclaiming the entire Adventist remnant truth. 

First, we’ll get America’s attention with Final Empire, the four-day miniseries in January 2020 that will reveal the United States’ role in Bible prophecy and why certain unexpected and unthinkable events will start to happen in this country. Six weeks after planting that seed, with your help, through our Revelation 2020 four-week evangelistic campaign, we will “take North America for Christ” and let people know how the final chapters of earth’s history will unfold.

Perhaps you feel, like Pastor Cranson initially did, that the subject of Bible prophecy is too confusing for successful modern evangelism. Why not just stick to the Gospels? 

Well, God did not make a mistake when He entrusted our church with the Three Angels’ Messages. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is actually at the very heart of Bible prophecy and the books of Daniel and Revelation. The Lord has given us the responsibility of waking up a world dead in its sins and trespasses, and opening the eyes of a Laodicean Christianity full of compromise—all to point people to the real Christ, the risen Hope of glory. 

And through falling in love with Him, these souls will be willing to bravely face any test and thus fulfill Revelation 14:12: “Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and hold fast to the faith of Jesus.” 

Perhaps you or someone in your family came into the Adventist Church through God’s use of the Voice of Prophecy. Revelation 2020 is how God will use the ministry to grow our church family in the modern day!

Your contribution today will help bring this vision to life. With your support, our churches can effectively reach their communities and joyfully proclaim, “Lift up the trumpet, and loud let it ring: Jesus is coming again!”

Your brother in Christ,

Shawn Boonstra
Speaker/Director, Voice of Prophecy