Dear Friend,

A few years ago, a retired trucker in Seattle was sitting in his favorite chair watching the news when a Voice of Prophecy commercial came on the television and grabbed his attention. “It was like when I first met my wife!” says Joe Kiehlbauch. “Something inside me said, ‘You should go see that.’ ”

Thanks to donors like you, that commercial changed Joe’s life.

Your donation today will help share God’s truth with people like Joe! Evangelism is more relevant and important than ever as time winds to a close.

After the commercial, Joe was excited to attend the event—Revelation Speaks Peace. He braved rush-hour traffic with a friend for the meeting on the other side of the metro area. The traffic was terrible. But worth it!


Joe loved exploring the book of Daniel that first night, and he rushed home to tell his wife Marilyn all about it.

Joe and Marilyn have been attending church their whole lives, but during those meetings, they heard the Bible opened and explained like never before.

Marilyn agrees: “We went to church all the time, but we NEVER studied Revelation and Daniel. . . . I’ve been going to church since I was a baby. But no one ever explained it to me.”

Sadly, I’ve heard this story many times. People just don’t KNOW what the Bible says, and when they find out, they are excited!

“When we heard about the Sabbath, it just made a lot of sense,” says Marilyn. “If you read through the Bible . . . it really speaks for itself. A light really turned on for me in understanding the Bible.”

Not only did Joe and Marilyn complete our Discover Bible Course and join the Adventist church, but they also brought several friends with them to the meetings and haven’t stopped sharing since. Evangelism is ALIVE today!

Your financial support today will help actively share Bible truth with more people like Joe and Marilyn.


I’ve been hearing for years that public evangelism doesn’t work.

If you don’t believe it will work, it won’t.

But if you believe it will—and you’re willing to invest your time, means, and energy into it—it works every single time.

The truth is, I have NEVER in my nearly 30-year career in evangelism WORRIED about drawing an audience or filling an auditorium. The venues are full every single time, regardless of how inhospitable, secular, or uninterested the people are rumored to be.

Thanks to that internal pull to know the Creator, interest has always been good. But now, it is phenomenal—like nothing I’ve seen before.

As you probably know, I wasn’t always a Christian. But all these years I have stayed in touch with my non-Christian friends. When God changed my life, these friends were critical, mocking me. But that has shifted dramatically.

In the last 18 months my old friends have begun contacting me to see what the Bible says. Recent events in our country and around the world are bringing up questions even for those who have spent their lives ignoring God.

The Bible’s treasures are real and alive today. God didn’t make a mistake with the message He gave us for the end of time. He doesn’t have to do a rewrite. His Word is as relevant as it has been since the first word was scratched out on stone or parchment.

The only question is, are you going to share it?


Let’s go back to my friends Joe and Marilyn. Joe was so impressed with what he heard at Revelation Speaks Peace in 2017 that he was eager to share with others. He started buying CDs of the meetings, 10 sets at a time, and has been using them to connect people with God’s Word wherever he goes.

I know the picture of Joe and Marilyn with their dog is probably the first thing you looked at before reading this letter. Their poodle Sophie is a pampered pooch, for sure! She has several outfits and always wears shoes to keep her paws clean and soft. But Sophie also happens to be one of Joe’s best allies for outreach.

Almost every time they take Sophie out for a walk, someone stops to chat or to take a picture of their adorable pup. Joe always obliges with a smile, and then tells them that “Sophie” has a gift for them. Joe has distributed HUNDREDS of Revelation Speaks Peace CDs like this!

Joe also shares CDs with his physicians, nurses, store cashiers, contractors working on his house, and literally anyone who will give him the chance to say hello.

When there was ongoing construction near his home, Joe spoke to the lady holding the stop sign almost every day for over a year. He shared all the Revelation Speaks Peace CDs with her, and she shared them with her family. Though he never criticized or mentioned smoking, after listening to the CDs and loving them, the woman began throwing down her cigarette every time Joe approached her corner. The Lord is moving in her heart!

The truth is, Joe is never going to run out of an audience. He is finding what I have found—that there will always be someone who is interested. We can’t give up. An eternal future with God is a gift worth sharing!


My friend—you and I don’t have to worry about coming up with our own message. Just like Joe, we are God’s soldiers bringing people to HIS amazing Word. Holy Scripture combined with the Holy Spirit contain everything needed to convict hearts for Him. I’m grateful to be part of the process, aren’t you?

Not everyone will approach strangers like Joe, nor will everyone be onstage like me. But please don’t underestimate your important role in bringing people to the Lord. God has called YOU to share your testimony and His holy Word in your own way. Are we supporting you in sharing the hope of Christ with those around you?

We are a team. Neither Joe nor I could do what we do without you! Your support is critical. We need you. Please donate today to equip people like Joe to reach their communities. Together, we will finish God’s work!

Your brother in Christ,

Shawn Boonstra
Speaker/Director, Voice of Prophecy