A few months ago, at a camp meeting my wife Jean and I attended, a young girl approached Jean and asked if she could audition to be in one of the episodes of Discovery Mountain, our weekly children’s program. This didn’t surprise us, because the program has been a hit with kids everywhere. Between April and January, we had 71,838 downloads!

That’s amazing for such a new program, and it doesn’t even include those listening through other methods! The responses we’re receiving confirm that children and young people are receptive to listening to Bible-based programs if we speak to their needs. The truth is, the world wants our children. It bombards them day and night through all media outlets to capture their young minds and hearts.

It is every Christian parent’s challenge to train their children to tune out the constant world noises and listen to the “still small voice.” Jean and I are no exception. We have felt that same burden ever since our two girls were born—we want them to succeed in this world, but above all, we want to see them in the kingdom of heaven!

That’s why teaching children to love Jesus is a top priority at your Voice of Prophecy. I was so excited last year to share with you the launching of Discovery Mountain because it’s such a unique evangelism tool for young people. It was an immediate hit—exceeding all expectations . . . 

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