Dear Friend,

These are incredibly trying times. As the world attempts to recover from a disease that has been a death sentence for many and has financially gutted so many more, people are living in fear, wondering what fresh trouble tomorrow might bring. 

The world needs the hope of Christ now more than ever. And the Voice of Prophecy is committed to sharing that hope with any neighbor in need. 

The ministry has taken some hits during this crisis, but we’re determined: we’re not going to quit. We’re going to carry God’s work forward. Together, we can give hope.

With your help, here’s some of the ways we’ve continued to give hope during this current crisis:

(1)  We retooled our nationwide evangelistic series Discovering Revelation in partnership with our host churches. It’s resulted in virtual Bible studies connecting those audiences with the reassuring truths of Scripture. It’s going incredibly well in many locations and has been a source of renewed hope for volunteer Bible workers. 

(2)  On our flagship program Disclosure we’ve been talking a lot about dealing with anxiety. I’ve interviewed Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, a Christian licensed professional counselor, and talked with Kurt Johnson, the author of the “Peace Is an Inside Job” Bible studies, as part of our efforts to promote spiritual and mental health in these times of heightened fear and stress. We’ve also been covering ways listeners can spread hope in their communities. 

(3)  For the kids at home, Jean began live-streaming a regular story time series on the Discovery Mountain Facebook page. Every Sabbath she shares faith-boosting stories from Guide magazine and other sources, plus fun activities families can do to support their communities and encourage each other. It’s been a weekly blessing for many, judging by listener reports. 

(4)  Our Discover Bible School is busy helping individuals to know God’s Word. If there ever was a time for the correct understanding of prophecy and end-time events, that time is now! In light of that, we’ve put together a website offering six powerful ways anyone can share their faith in the age of social distancing:

(5)  Our website is seeing an increase in traffic as people are searching online for Bible answers to their questions and worries. During the months of March and April, around 2.5 million people visited the site. 

This may be the greatest evangelistic opportunity of our generation, and we’re not about to let it pass us by. There’s so much still to do. Please consider joining us for #GivingTuesdayNow at, or by clicking the button below.

Together, we can give hope.

Your brother in Christ,

Shawn Boonstra
Speaker/Director, Voice of Prophecy