Dear Friend,

I received a note from an old schoolmate not long ago. Back when we were young, he didn’t show much interest in religious matters. Although, to be fair, I wasn’t exactly on a holy path myself. Here’s what he wrote:


I wonder if you have any reference to the current situation (COVID-19)? I have wondered and tried to think of the messages, or lessons I/we need to take away from this. Mother nature’s reset? Thinning the herd? I knew we were due for some sort of pause in our lives. This hits EVERYONE . . . . just wondering [about] your perspective . . . . from a biblical sense? . . . . What do you think? Are we being punished?

Have you noticed people taking a new interest in the big questions in life? This note is one of many that I have received in the last year. I am convicted that where there is one person asking these kinds of questions, there are millions. And God expects us to tell them what we know—and to do it by showing up where they are.

But I need your support. We are working on something BIG, and we can’t do it without YOU.

I’m so excited to share with you the vision that has been on my heart for the last couple of years. This is truly coming from my heart, and I have prayed over it endlessly.

I’ve been dreaming of starting an ALL-NEW flagship program with the Voice of Prophecy. I believe this will bring unchurched people into relationship with Christ.


This new program from VOP is called Authentic, and we’re currently in the process of launching it online, on radio, and on television! Click here to read our article about the launch. You can watch the first episode for yourself at

This half-hour weekly show is going to be about things that real everyday people struggle with at the deepest level. We’re going to deal with existential questions—stuff that everybody wonders about: the meaning of life, purposeful living, the nature of human existence, the nature of love, relationships, emotions, self-awareness, the thoughts of great philosophers and how those have impacted our culture and how we live. But most of all, we’re going to be exploring what it means to live an authentic human existence.

Ultimately, we can help the audience see that there really IS a right way and a wrong way to do life.


The truth is, in these trying times we cannot afford to grow tired of reaching out as Christ would—to those who are searching for answers.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not our job to convert people. That is not humanly possible! The Holy Spirit softens hearts. You and I are merely tools in God’s arsenal. Our job is to search for people whose hearts are responding to the Holy Spirit RIGHT NOW. Those people will respond eagerly to God’s message when we present it. It’s an amazing feeling when the Holy Spirit brings you into contact with someone ready to learn and accept God’s truth.

Experience has taught me there’s no such thing as a community that has no fruit. We can find people in YOUR town to come to YOUR church.

I believe that this new program, Authentic, will play a role in bringing countless people into relationship with Christ.


I do need to share with you the news that we are about to retire the Disclosure program—and not because it hasn’t been successful. It has done very well! But there are several things that need to change. Our world is increasingly visual. The Voice of Prophecy has long been known as a radio ministry, and we still are. Much of our content is audio. Sadly, that keeps us invisible to a lot of people. To reach the world for Christ, we need to produce more televised content as well. (Production is now possible because of donors’ past generosity in helping us build a video studio—thank you to everyone who helped!)

Authentic will take the place of Disclosure, and I’m very excited about this transition.


This isn’t a stuffy, holier-than-thou, doom-and-gloom type of program. It will feel like a good friend dropping over to talk about life. There will be transparency and honesty. We’ll tell the truth about life—and about religion—how religious people sometimes behave—and how life can offer bitter disappointment. We’ll talk about why people feel lonely—why they feel compelled to search for something better.

Each episode will use elements of our distinctive message to make the case for who God really is and why we as humans crave Him. After all, the call to come back and worship the Creator is the point of our movement. You will see our message, clearly and frankly explained—but maybe in ways you haven’t heard it before.

This show is critically important because the primary reason for its existence is to bring real live interests through the doors of our Discovery Centers (your church!). Authentic is meant to help people find a relationship with Christ in YOUR church, with YOUR help. The program will promote the Discover Bible School, and when your neighbors sign up for lessons, they’ll be connected to your local Bible school and church.

People are looking for a wise friend, and we aim to be that friend. And we aim to bring them to your congregation so they can find their place in God’s last-day movement.

You will play a crucial role in how many people hear this message. As we transition to broadcasting this program on both radio and television, we face dramatically increased costs to purchase airtime. It is critical to air Authentic on all kinds of television channels (not just the usual church-run channels) in order to reach new viewers with God’s universal message of hope.

Your gift today will directly impact HOW MANY PEOPLE hear this message. We can only air the program on channels that we can purchase airtime for. The reach of this show depends completely on the funding you provide. We are depending on your faithful support. Will you help launch this new show on radio and television markets nationwide?

The time to do it is now. This is a better moment than any I’ve seen—ever. We’re pushing ahead even though we don’t have everything we need, because people seeking God can’t wait.

That’s why I’m asking for your support today in launching Authentic. As we work together to reach the world for Him, I believe God will bless every dollar and every donor involved in the effort.

Your brother in Christ,

Shawn Boonstra
Speaker/Director, Voice of Prophecy