Dear Friend,

I could not have predicted the events of 2020. Did you see a global pandemic, the stay-at-home orders, and the subsequent economic fallout looming? The events of this year caught us by surprise—but we adapted! With your support, the Voice of Prophecy has found innovative ways to help you exercise—and share—your faith in a primarily virtual world.

When the stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19 began, eight-year-old Justus felt sad. He couldn’t see his friends and, as an only child, he felt lonely. Justus listened to the audio program Discovery Mountain, and during each episode he heard Ms. Jean’s appeals to exercise his faith.

Justus exercised his faith and prayed for a dog! Justus and his parents looked for a dog, but it wasn’t easy. The perfect puppy had to be of a breed that Justus wasn’t allergic to—and one that they could afford. As they searched, Justus kept praying and waited patiently for God’s answer. He exercised his faith.

Justus isn’t alone in feeling isolated and in need of faith this year. Your family, friends, and neighbors are feeling the effects of these unusual times. Social isolation, loss of employment, and illness have taken a toll on our communities. This season of crisis will pass, but in a wider sense, as the Bible tells us in Matthew 24:8, this is just the beginning of “birth pangs.” Adapting to these times can prepare us to share our faith when more difficult and pressing crises arise.

How can you exercise and share your faith in a primarily virtual world? We’ve found at least six ways. You can learn about each of them at Let me walk you through one: Discovery Mountain.

Discovery Mountain is a Bible-based audio adventure series that your support over the last several years has made possible! Easily accessible as an online podcast, the program is designed to share Jesus with listeners and to help them share that faith with others. Here’s how.


Young people like Justus have responded to Ms. Jean’s Discovery Mountain challenge to exercise their faith. Leah exercised her faith at her public school. “I decided during lunch to ask my friends if they wanted to say the blessing with me over our food,” she writes. Exercising faith is the first step.


Discovery Mountain appeals to people of all backgrounds—churched and unchurched. In the second step, listeners like Kathryn share their faith by inviting others to listen with them. Kathryn invited her brother to listen, and they both made decisions to be baptized.

Precious, a nurse in the Philippines, is a regular Discovery Mountain listener. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, she cares for the sick—and shares her faith! “A patient was baptized,” she tells us, “because I entered his room with perfect timing after he prayed! I am still looking forward to sharing my faith with my patients.”

Discovery Mountain resources like the sharing book Mission: Forgiveness, doorhangers, and more were intentionally created to help you share your faith. Your partnership ensures that we can continue to make these faith-sharing resources available.


After sharing our faith, we want to take it a step further and encourage others’ faith to grow. We created a digital solution with our virtual Discovery Mountain Vacation Bible School (VBS), Rescued: Safe in Jesus. A virtual VBS can happen anytime— why wait until next summer? This VBS program was designed to bring Discovery Mountain to your local church and bring kids closer to our Savior Jesus.

Justus didn’t stop feeling lonely, and he didn’t stop praying in faith for a dog. “God answered my prayers with the perfect puppy for me,” he writes. “His name is Cooper, and I’m not allergic to him, plus my parents could afford him. He likes to play and he makes me happy.” Justus isn’t alone anymore.

In the midst of social isolation, Justus and others have exercised their faith. While caring for COVID-19 patients, Precious continues to share her faith. And with the right encouragement, such faith can grow only stronger in Christ.

Will you partner with us to continue to make Discovery Mountain and these vital tools for sharing and growing faith available? Your family, friends, and neighbors are feeling isolated, have lost employment, and are suffering with illness. In the midst of this crisis, they need to hear about Jesus more than ever before. This crisis won’t be the last! Resources to share our faith in a virtual world will equip us to respond to future and more difficult crises.

Your gift today will build a stronger trust in Jesus for tomorrow. Let’s exercise, share, and encourage faith!

Yours in faith,

Jean Boonstra
Associate Speaker, Voice of Prophecy
Executive Producer, Discovery Mountain