There are special moments in our lives that affect us so profoundly that we can’t help but say, “It was worth it! It was worth all the sacrifice, sweat and tears.”

I had such a moment in November, but it wasn’t just my moment—it was yours, too. Allow me to explain.

Oscar grew up in the church. His mother was a strong believer, but he said, “As soon as I was on my own, I forgot about God, got involved with the wrong people and did things that I thought I would never do. With no family to remind me of my beliefs and that God cared for me, my life quickly became meaningless.”

The turning point for Oscar came when friends texted him that Shadow Empire [our four-part series on the life of Constantine] was being shown at a local church. He thought he knew all there was to know about the Bible, but he went anyway and heard the last 20 minutes of the final presentation. He was hooked! He then attended the Revelation Speaks Peace series that followed.

As Oscar attended every night, the conviction grew that he should give his heart to Jesus “The day of my baptism was the happiest day of my life, as it was for my mom, who had been praying for me for six years. Now I see everything differently, and my life has a purpose. I don’t ever want to live without God again,” he said.

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