I’ve been to prison more than a few times. Fortunately, always as a guest, and never as an inmate. What I’ve found inside these prisons defies the image most people have of prison populations: I’ve found some of the most honest people on earth.

I’m thinking about Daniel, who is locked away behind bars. He was angry at the world, as you and I would likely be under the same circumstances. But while most people are unaware of his existence, God has heard every angry word and noticed every tear Daniel has shed behind bars. 

But I’m thrilled to report that someone had the courage and passion to make sure Daniel understood that he has not been abandoned by God. How? It’s simple: they supported the Voice of Prophecy and enabled us to send Daniel a set of Bible study guides. He told us:

“I love the Bible studies you send me and I look forward to them. They are a true blessing and let me know that God loves me. . . . I am no longer angry. Now I live for Christ.” —Daniel 

Your financial support of the Discover Bible Guides helps the Voice of Prophecy minister to people at the center of some of the biggest miracle stories in God’s kingdom right now. People like Daniel. They can’t join your small group, even though they’d love to. And they can’t celebrate the New Year with a church family.

But thanks to your support, the light of God can not only permeate prison walls, but provide heart transformation as well.

That’s why Discover Bible Guides are such a crucial part of what the Voice of Prophecy does. We currently have 9,051 inmates taking Bible studies. And since 2014, we have had 8,639 inmates graduate from our Bible courses. However, without your support, there would be no Bible guides to send to this neglected segment of the population—a group that is most in need of the true reformation that only comes from studying God’s Word.

Just ask Tony. One night, Tony got into a fight—like many people have at some point—and things went south very quickly. He ended up in prison. It’s a place that doesn’t offer much hope, but God did not fail to notice Tony’s predicament: He made sure that a Discover Bible Guide was in the prison . . . right where Tony would find it.

He picked up the Bible lesson, and immediately, he sensed that he needed it. He studied it carefully. In fact, he studied all the lessons. And now Tony is not only part of our church family, headed for the kingdom, but he’s also an evangelist. He asked his mother for a favor: “Please read these lessons.” Now she’s part of our church family too!

Today you have an opportunity to see more lives—like Tony’s—changed. Your financial contribution will have a positive domino effect for the kingdom. We’ve seen it over and over again: one life is transformed, and they’re so excited that they go out and share the Good News with another person, who also joins the church, and it continues from there—just like Tony did with his mother. 

I can think of few things that produce a meaningful return on investment like investing in prison ministry.

Just ask Tina and Steven Steenmeyer, who have made it their mission to make sure the inmates in their community hear from God. Since August 2012, they’ve seen more than 3,500 inmates sign up for the Discover Bible Course. And get this: 22 percent finish all 26 lessons. 

See? You don’t get those kinds of odds with the other people you know, do you?

Twenty-two percent.

It just goes to show that some of the most honest people on earth are serving time in prison. There’s a reason Jesus loved to hang out with them. And now He’s asking you to do the same: it takes so little to let a prisoner know that God has not forgotten them. In fact, a gift of only $110 would let 20 inmates know that God still has a plan for their lives.

That’s it. It’s some of the least expensive evangelism on the planet . . . and some of the most important. I know: you may never get inside a prison yourself. It’s not something that happens for most people. But you can still reach those inside by helping us make sure these people end up in the kingdom.

It’s true—I’ve been to prison more than a few times, and now I’m asking: why not join me?

Your brother in Christ,

Shawn Boonstra
Speaker/Director, Voice of Prophecy