Dear Friend,

Depending on how well you did academically in school, receiving a report card was either a time of great rejoicing or extreme trauma. I am happy to share that thanks to your support, the following update—or “report card”—is one of extraordinary joy and praises to God!

Human trafficking is one of the greatest plagues Satan has inflicted on this planet. In the city of Bangalore, India, alone—where we work with our partner Child Impact International to combat this issue—1,703 children and 3,887 women went missing or were kidnapped in 2018.

Despite such shocking statistics, with your support, God allowed us to put a dent in those numbers. A daring rescue mission began last year when our on-the-ground investigative team received information that a sex-trafficking racket had lured girls from Nepal to come to Bangalore under the pretext of legitimate jobs.

Upon arrival, these unsuspecting girls were forced to sell themselves for sex. Their traffickers skillfully remained incognito and communicated through local pimps and apps that promulgated photos of the victims. The girls would then be sent to chosen locations and forced to have sex.

Over the course of two months, our investigative team began to identify the traffickers involved and locate the victims. We utilized two decoys who acted as customers to give us inside information, in addition to four surveillance teams.

After carefully studying the buildings and the operation, our teams took the information to local law enforcement, and on November 12, 2018, they conducted a raid. The successful raid resulted in the rescue of 16 young women!  

Your past financial contributions were invaluable in helping us rescue 16 lives from the grip of demonic forces—lives that can now be rehabilitated in our rescue home called “Azadi.” But in order for us to have a quality rehabilitation program at Azadi and rescue other girls from the horrors of human trafficking, we need your support.

The traffickers are well-funded, and we cannot let them continue to destroy the lives of these innocent young women. Your support today will enable us to not only systematically locate and rescue some of the missing women in Bangalore, but also demonstrate the love of Christ in a tangible way.

I want to share just one more story of how vital your support is to the continued success of our rescue home. Her name is Rathna. The death of Rathna’s father caused the family’s already precarious financial situation to worsen, ultimately driving her mother to become a sex worker to make a living. Seeing the money that she was able to make to support the family, she forced 14-year-old Rathna into prostitution. Eventually, Rathna was moved to the red-light district in Mumbai.  

You can only imagine how devastated Rathna was to have to participate in this dehumanizing trade with countless strange men. It was during this time that Rathna was able to get in touch with someone who eventually got her out of the sex trade, and in 2018, she was placed in our wonderful rehabilitation home.  

No 14-year-old girl should ever be forced to sell herself to support her family. Your donation today will help rescue girls like Rathna as well as victims who are kidnapped and tricked into this despicable trade. The financial need is urgent—it is only through your contributions that we can provide a place that shelters these girls, teaches them valuable job skills and restores their dignity and hope.

Let the light of Christ shine in the darkness of Bangalore through your support of Azadi, our rescue home with Child Impact International.


Your brother in Christ,

Shawn Boonstra