Dear Friend,

For far too long, there has been an unspoken assumption that church members exist to support ministries. But I’m not convinced. In fact, I believe the Voice of Prophecy exists to support local churches in their ministry. I believe we’re here to help you.

We’ve got a way to make that happen. Our brand-new Discovery Centers are a strategic and intentional way to bring members of your community into your church. A Discovery Center is, in essence, a franchise of the Voice of Prophecy. Your church becomes the Voice of Prophecy in your city and a part of our internationally-trusted brand.

As a Discovery Center, we’ve already done most of the hard work for you. Your church will have access to proven strategies to attract people, and top-drawer resources to use when they show up. You’ll receive access to the same set of tools that our team uses when we implement successful outreach strategies—plus new tools that we’ve only dreamed of having in the past. 

Thanks to your support, what would have been prohibitively expensive for churches will now be easy to incorporate into their church planning! 

Here are just a few of the programs that your gift will enable the Voice of Prophecy to develop for Discovery Center churches:

  • The Discover Bible School: Each Discovery Center will become a local Discover Bible School. Since its inception, more than 1 million people have graduated from this worldwide Bible School. And now, with the newly redesigned and refreshed Discover Bible Guides, the main lessons are tailored better than ever to be part of a comprehensive outreach strategy. 
  • Discovery Mountain Children’s Resources: Launched in 2017, Discovery Mountain is our adventure audio series for children that features key stories and themes from the Bible. Kids can’t get enough of this program—many even count down the days until new episodes—and we’d like them to know that your church is a place where they can find more of what they love, including the all-new Discovery Mountain Vacation Bible School!
  • Discover Seminars: Discover Seminars are short entry-style events that make it easy to invite the community to your church and make your neighbors aware of what your church has to offer. We carefully study market trends and ascertain which topics will both (a) interest large segments of the general public and (b) make people want to participate in your church’s Bible studies.

Again, that’s just a sample of what your support will enable the Voice of Prophecy to provide for thousands of churches across North America. You can read all the details on

The impact of your contribution doesn’t stop there! Your support will allow us to host the believe conference, a high-energy pastors’ convention where we’ll show your pastor and other pastors from across North America our newest evangelistic tools for Discovery Centers and demonstrate how to use them. The event is scheduled for May 5-8 at the North American Division headquarters in Columbia, Maryland. Please encourage your pastor to register at

Now imagine this: hundreds—maybe even thousands—of churches across North America holding simultaneous evangelistic meetings during one powerful month in spring 2020—all proclaiming the soon return of Jesus. That’s what each Discovery Center is planning toward! That’s our dream for Revelation 2020, an event made possible only through the current generosity of donors like you.

With your support today, we can work together to claim your community for Christ.

Your brother in Christ,

Shawn Boonstra