Dear Friend,

I just have to share with you the stories from our recent Revelation Speaks Peace series in Denver, because while you may not have been there with us, you were very much a part of our team. Your prayers and support made all the difference. The triumph of God’s Word is also yours, and these are your stories:

One day this past December, I was cleaning out my purse to go on vacation when I saw the flyer they’d given out at church for the Voice of Prophecy evangelistic meetings in January. I decided to attend and get a refresher course on everything I had learned many years ago. I fully committed to this, even signing up for the Bible course. But as the days went by, I got behind on the lessons, so I tried to catch up on my lunch break at work. I had spread out the lessons and my Bible on the break room table when Casey, one of my coworkers, came up and wanted to know what I was doing. I told him to leave me alone because I was busy, but he insisted I tell him more about the lessons and the Revelation Speaks Peace meetings after he saw what I had on the table. He immediately said he wanted to attend, and in the end, I agreed to stop by his house and give him a ride to the meetings! —Suzette


I was adopted by a Jewish family when I was five years old. They brought me from Cambodia, where I’d only known the Buddhist faith. My adoptive parents are not traditionally Jewish, but still keep Hanukkah and Passover, so I grew up with a mixture of beliefs. Now I work with United Airlines, and one day I saw a coworker in the break room studying some Bible lessons. When I learned she was attending prophecy meetings, I wanted to attend, too, but I had to convince her, because at first she didn’t want to tell me anything. In the end, she agreed to pick me up and take me to the meetings. From the very first night, Jesus touched my heart. I have never felt like this before. It’s a new experience, and now I want to start a new life in Jesus. —Casey

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