Earlier this year, more than 500 churches across North America hosted Final Empire, the Voice of Prophecy’s latest short series, which explored the prophetic past and future of America and religious liberty.

This incredible event couldn’t have happened without your support, and I think you’ll be interested to read some of the feedback our team has received from enthusiastic host churches. 

Here we’ll focus on the Atholton Seventh-day Adventist Church in Columbia, Maryland, and the Loveland Seventh-day Adventist Church in Loveland, Colorado, but they represent hundreds of others!

Voice of Prophecy: Why did your church present Final Empire?

Pastor John Rengifo, Associate Pastor of Evangelism and Discipleship, Atholton Seventh-day Adventist Church: “We are developing a cycle of evangelism, and we want to incorporate bridge events such as Final Empire so we can deepen our relationship with people.”

Kyle Warren, Head Elder, Loveland Seventh-day Adventist Church: “We are preparing to do the [Voice of Prophecy’s] evangelistic series Discovering Revelation, so we invited potential attendees to this Final Empire ‘bridge event.’ We also wanted to better know the people with whom we’re currently having Bible studies.”

VOP: How did you advertise the event?

Pastor Rengifo: “Mainly through our church members. Our intent was that church members would invite others. We also utilized our Facebook page.”

Elder Warren: “Our church sent personalized mailers to people who had taken Bible studies from us or had attended past events at the church. In fact, one person came because she was on Facebook and saw an ad for Final Empire from a friend in Kentucky, and she found out that the series was being hosted locally in Loveland.”

VOP: How has Final Empire affected you?

Pastor Rengifo:Final Empire has enriched my perspective of history! I didn’t know that the series was going to go that far back in time.”

Elder Warren: “I really enjoyed the fact that we were able to see sacred history in some of the stories we thought we knew—seeing how God was preparing a place for the church. I went to public school and had been taught that Christopher Columbus set sail to prove that the world was round. But this series showed that he was on a mission to hasten the coming of Christ!”

VOP: What is your church’s plan for follow-up with your attendees?

Pastor Rengifo: “We will have a deeper series on Bible prophecy. We have all our attendees’ contact details and will definitely be reaching out to them.”

Elder Warren: “We will be offering the Voice of Prophecy’s Focus on Prophecy Bible studies as a follow-up to Final Empire. The series focused on Daniel 2 and Revelation 12 and 13, so I think we’d miss an opportunity as a church if we didn’t do that.”

*  *  *  *  *

I hope these comments reveal why your continued financial support is so crucial. You’re the reason this series was able to reach people in the first place, and your investment today will give them a chance to further engage with churches around the nation—building lasting relationships that will lead them into deeper soul-saving truth.

To really get an idea of the full impact of the event, we also interviewed attendees who couldn’t wait to tell us how the series impacted them:

Julie: “The series was superbly made. Really educational. It really reminds us of where the original guiding principles [of the United States] were established. I only know it from a very secular perspective from history books. I like that Seventh-day Adventists provide an explanation and education, and I love the added pieces. It has educated me.”

Delores: “Very informative. I had no idea that Christopher Columbus was a Christian and that he was on a Christian path. That was an eye-opener.”

Glenda: “I just finished three days of attending Final Empire at the Village Church in College Place, Washington, and I thought it was so interesting and inspirational. Thank you a lot.”

Amanda: “I learned new things about how America’s founding was influenced by the Bible and how that’s still relevant in modern discussions on religious liberty. I also learned about America’s role in Revelation. Shawn showed us where it fit with the earth ‘opening up’ for the persecuted church. As someone who loves history, it was really exciting to see the parallel!”

*  *  *  *  *

This year has already made its mark on history as a troubling start to the coming decade. When you consider the coronavirus (COVID-19), deaths of prominent figures, and rising political turmoil—all of it has people wondering what’s happening in this country. Are these signs that even more drastic events are on the horizon?

Help us continue the commission to wake up this nation to the soon coming of Christ! As demonstrated by some of these comments, non-Adventist attendees found Final Empire to be an “eye-opener.” Your donation today will allow us to open more eyes to our unique position in history—preparing hearts for His return through our Bible-based productions and events. 

We’re already planning a second run of Final Empire for this fall since so many churches have expressed an interest in using it for community outreach. And even now, I’m working on a new short series that, like Final Empire, will use engaging media to reveal Bible prophecy and God’s warnings in this the time of the end. Will you join us in sharing these truths with a public that’s seeking answers?

We’ve been counseled to make sure our presentations to the public are of the highest quality:  

“The work before us is great and cannot be done in any cheap style. . . . God forbid that we should please the devil by lowering the standard of eternal truth by using illustrations that men, women, and children will make sport of.” (Ellen White, Manuscript 23, 1896)

Your support today will help the Voice of Prophecy maintain the highest production quality in events that point people to Christ. As we stand on the edge of eternity, we just can’t afford to do things halfway. God is calling us to do our best for the harvest!

Your brother in Christ,

Shawn Boonstra
Speaker/Director, Voice of Prophecy