prisoner behind bars

Meeting God in Solitary Confinement


By Discover Bible School

Just a couple of years ago I was in the middle of a gang war. There was a lot of bloodshed on both sides. One kid lost his life after being stabbed in the heart. Three individuals were, subsequently, charged with his murder. I myself was stabbed in my face just a few inches shy of my temple. I was rushed to an outside hospital where the doctors had to perform surgery. As I lay there on that operating table, I wasn’t thinking about the pain. My only thought was getting back to the jail and continuing the war.

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Learning to Forgive

With Jean Boonstra

Today's topic is one that's a struggle for many of us. Forgiving others can often be difficult. Listen as Pastor Mark Witas shares his life story, and how as he faced many tough times throughout his childhood, he learned that his best option was to forgive.
Guest: Pastor Mark Witas