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Episode 10026R1
30 min 

Book of Mysteries

With Shawn Boonstra

Do you ever feel like the book of Revelation is off limits? Like it's describing something beyond the grasp of human comprehension? We'll challenge that concept in our series about reading through the book of Revelation. (Reading Revelation Part 1)

Episode 10053
30 min 

Vanishing Glory

With Jean Boonstra

A headless horseman riding down the darkened streets, dressed in military attire. I can still see the gruesome image that Disney created in my mind today. Ichabod Cranes’ story is surprisingly presented as a children story. Now more suprising are the roots of his name. Listen today as Jean talks about vanishing glory.

Episode 10052
30 min 

Death by Religion

With Jean Boonstra

For Western Christians, the idea that you could lose your life for what you believe is mostly a concept found in history books, a relic from the dark ages. But martyrdom is still happening and far more often than some people suspect. Join Jean Boonstra as she looks at Death by Religion.