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Episode 10015
30 min 
04 sec

Revenge of the Barbarians

With Shawn Boonstra

What's the relationship between Christianity and politics? Should Christians seize the reigns of government and bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth? Join Shawn Boonstra on this week's program to find out!

Episode 10014
30 min 
08 sec

How Plato Missed the Mark

With Shawn Boonstra

He might have lived almost 2,400 years ago, but this man shaped the way you think today, and maybe in ways you wouldn't expect. On this program, Shawn Boonstra shares who this man was, how he influenced you, and why he was dead wrong!

Episode 10013
30 min 
05 sec

Things That Go Bump in the Night

With Shawn Boonstra

If this show title sounds a little spooky, that is because it is. On this program Shawn Boonstra uncovers some surprising information about paranormal activity. Have you wondered if people really do hear things from beyond the grave—from spirits in the great beyond? Join us for a Biblical discussion of all things paranormal.