Episode 20004
60 min 

Aliens in the Bible

With Shawn Boonstra

Did aliens create humans? Is God an alien? Even with all the TV shows and movies about aliens, people still can't seem to get enough of this topic.

Episode 20003
60 min 

Dyslexia to the White House

With Shawn Boonstra

They told Dr. Terry Johnsson he'd amount to nothing. But instead, he rose all the way to the Presidential Honor Guard, serving three U.S. presidents! Listen to this story about the power of prayer, miracles and a man who defied all odds.

Classical art showing Jesus kissing Judas just before Judas betrays Christ
Episode 20002
60 min 

The Man Who Betrayed Christ

With Shawn Boonstra

How could someone who lived and walked with Jesus turn around and betray Him? Shawn and Jean take a look at events that took place before, during, and after Judas' betrayal of Jesus to try to understand what exactly was going through his head.