Did you know there's actually a clinical name for the "winter blues"? Can the lack of bright light exposure really affect your mood? On today's program, Jean speaks with returning guest Jennifer Jill Schwirzer about what causes Seasonal Affective Disorder, and what we can do to prevent it.
Guest: Jennifer Jill Schwirzer


Episode Chapters

  • "Winter Blues"

    Starting at 3 min 
    42 sec

    What is it? What causes it?

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

    Starting at 5 min 
    16 sec

    How does it start? What are some of its symptoms?

  • What is the primary treatment for SAD?

    Starting at 16 min 
    54 sec

    There is one primary remedy used when fighting SAD.

  • Stress Around the Holidays

    Starting at 46 min 
    52 sec

    Some practical advice for dealing with holiday-related stress.

  • Episode Notes

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    Jennifer's websites jenniferjill.net & abidecounseling.com