Studies show that North Americans today are less happy than prior generations, even though we actually have more than any other generation that's gone before us. Why is that? Why are so many people unhappy? On today's program, join Shawn and Jean as they discuss how we can be thankful for what we have.


Episode Chapters

  • God's Original Plan

    Starting at 18 min 
    59 sec

    What is the true source of joy for humans? What was God's original plan for our happiness?

  • Thanksgiving: A Great Opportunity

    Starting at 38 min 
    33 sec

    This time of the year is a really good opportunity to reconnect with God.

  • How To Be Thankful Through Life's Challenges

    Starting at 44 min 
    42 sec

    No one on Earth has a life without significant challenges and hurdles. How can we still be content while facing life's challenges?