Episode Chapters

  • Are Real Christians Immune to COVID-19?

    Starting at 2 min 
    13 sec

    There's a big difference between faith and presumption. Some churches are still defying stay-at-home orders while implying that Christians should be immune to COVID-19. But is that really what the Bible says? And what does this attitude tell everyone else about Christianity?

  • Tired of Life? Watch This.

    Starting at 45 min 
    27 sec

    We're looking at the story of a man who literally lost everything. (And that's not an overstatement.) But he came out the other side stronger.

  • It's OK for Christians to Feel Overwhelmed

    Starting at 34 min 
    15 sec

    People can only take so much. In fact, the Bible suggests it's completely human to feel overwhelmed by life, and being a Christian doesn't mean you won't. But God also provides a road map—a toolbox of stories we can learn from when we feel like we're about to snap.

  • Got Stress? Read This Book!

    Starting at 30 min 
    19 sec


    For a lot of people, COVID-19 is piling more stress onto an already chaotic life. If your life feels like it's falling apart, can we suggest you check out the book of Job? It turns out this guy went through a lot of crazy things—but somehow, he managed to get through it. Watch for details.

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