Have you listened to Discovery Mountain yet? On today's program, Shawn speaks with the creators behind this audio adventure series for kids, along with some of the voice actors. Go behind the scenes and learn about how this Christ-centered series is put together!


Episode Chapters

  • What Was Jean's Motivation?

    Starting at 5 min 
    00 sec

    Where did Jean get the idea to begin the program?

  • What Goes Into Creating an Episode of Discovery Mountain?

    Starting at 7 min 
    55 sec

    Doug Bruce (known as Director Doug on Discovery Mountain) and Danny Colomby describe some of the processes involved in creating the program.

  • Birthday Blip!

    Starting at 45 min 
    56 sec

    Listen to a Discovery Mountain Mini Episode

  • Episode Notes

    Visit discoverymountain.com to listen online and learn how you can download the episodes to your phone, tablet or computer via iTunes, iHeartRadio and more.