Episode Chapters

  • The Fear That You Are No Longer Needed

    Starting at 10 min 
    46 sec

    Do parents actually become addicted to being needed?

  • Fear of Kids Failing to Launch

    Starting at 17 min 
    39 sec

    Do you fear that your kid won't "make it"?

  • The Fear of Failing Your Kids as a Parent

    Starting at 22 min 
    02 sec

    Were you a thorough enough parent? Do you have regrets or lost opportunities?

  • The Fear of a Change in Your Marriage

    Starting at 34 min 
    20 sec

    How does a marriage change when your kids are no longer home?

  • The Fear of Being Old

    Starting at 39 min 
    04 sec

    The realization that you are in the later stages of your life.