Do our thoughts shape our behavior, or does our behavior actually shape our thoughts? Right now, millions of people suffer from the effects of anxiety, stress and depression. Join Shawn and his guest, Dr. Julian Melgosa (co-author of The Power of Hope) as they discuss what we can do to live a more abundant life.


Episode Chapters

  • Do Our Thoughts Shape Our Behavior?

    Starting at 4 min 
    40 sec

    There's a clear relationship between one's thoughts, behavior and state of mind.

  • Does How You Think Affect Your Physical Health?

    Starting at 15 min 
    30 sec

    Do our thoughts directly affect our bodies?

  • Acts of Service

    Starting at 52 min 
    50 sec

    How can an act of service help you overcome depressive thinking?

  • Episode Notes

    Here are some links you might find useful.

    The Power of Hope - Book by Julian Melgosa and Michelson Borges.