The Bible tells us that we should not base our lives on things that don't last—like power, fame and wealth. When those things suddenly disappear, people often feel that their life is meaningless. On today's program, Shawn and Jean take a look through the Bible to find what it says about Christians and how we should handle our finances.


Episode Chapters

  • Does Tithing Apply to Us?

    Starting at 9 min 
    13 sec

    Is it an outdated tradition? Does it apply to New Testament Christians?

  • Everything Belongs to God

    Starting at 15 min 
    31 sec

    It's actually the most generous arrangement.

  • God Gives Us What We Need

    Starting at 21 min 
    01 sec

    Some people believe that God promises to make a person wealthy if he or she tithes. Is that what the Bible says?