Today on Disclosure, Shawn and Jean take a look at the Ten Commandments in light of the cross. During this program, you'll learn how each commandment relates to the story of the cross, and you'll see an amazing picture of God's faithfulness and love. You won't want to miss this!


Episode Chapters

  • Do the Ten Commandments Still Apply Today?

    Starting at 8 min 
    28 sec

    Do we even have to keep the Ten Commandments anymore? Didn't Jesus abolish them at the cross?

  • Under Law and Under Grace

    Starting at 10 min 
    47 sec

    What does it mean to be under the law and under grace?

  • You Shall Not Commit Adultery

    Starting at 29 min 
    58 sec

    Where do we find adultery in the story of the cross?

  • You Shall Not Covet

    Starting at 36 min 
    44 sec

    How does the 10th commandment relate to the story of the cross?