In the Wild West of media, it's becoming less and less safe to find appropriate programming for children. Today on Disclosure, Shawn speaks to the creators of an upcoming audio adventure series offered by the Voice of Prophecy, titled Discovery Mountain. Update: Listen now at!

Guests: Jean Boonstra, Doug Bruce and Ruben Gomez


Episode Chapters

  • Intro Music for New Kids' Program

    Starting at 16 min 
    04 sec

    Listen to the intro from this brand-new program coming in April!

  • Discovery Mountain: What Is It?

    Starting at 17 min 
    01 sec

    What kind of program is it and who is it for?

  • What Does It Take to Make This Come to Life?

    Starting at 20 min 
    11 sec

    How do you make an audio program fill your imagination and make you feel like you are part of the story?

  • How Were the Characters and Voice Actors Chosen?

    Starting at 32 min 
    23 sec

    Who voiced the characters and how were they selected?