Episode Chapters

  • School Six Days a Week

    Starting at 4 min 
    00 sec

    During the communist regime, the Romanian school system made children go to school Monday through Saturday. That meant Sperantza could not go to church on Saturdays.

  • A Conversation with Mom and Dad

    Starting at 7 min 
    53 sec

    At the age of nine, Sperantza speaks with her parents about skipping school to go to church with them, and what a decision like that could mean for her.

  • An Unforgettable Phone Call

    Starting at 18 min 
    11 sec

    Sperantza remembers seeing her father on the phone yelling, "HE'S ALIVE! HE'S ALIVE!"

  • The Plan of Escape

    Starting at 20 min 
    00 sec

    Sperantza's parents explain the plan that they had put together for her and her mom to escape Romania.

  • Moving to the U.S.

    Starting at 48 min 
    34 sec

    After eight months of living in a refugee camp, Sperantza and her mom were approved for visas to move to the United States.

  • Episode Notes

    Here are some links you might find helpful.

    Hope in Present Danger - Book by Sperantza Adriana Pasos