Do you ever wonder if Jesus was really born on December 25? Or if the Bible offers any advice for finding the right church for you? Today on Disclosure, Shawn and Jean answer questions that were sent in by listeners just like you.

Special note: While this episode is audio-only, next week's program will have video once again!


Episode Chapters

  • When Was Jesus Born?

    Starting at 16 min 
    35 sec

    Most people are now aware that December 25 is not Jesus' birthdate. Where did this date come from?

  • Is Jehovah God the Father?

    Starting at 24 min 
    51 sec

    When the Bible refers to Jehovah, is it strictly referring to God the Father?

  • Which Bible Version Should We Use?

    Starting at 36 min 
    45 sec

    Is there one particular version of the Bible we should use?

  • The Bible's Advice for Finding a Church

    Starting at 49 min 
    53 sec

    Does the Bible offer advice for finding a church to attend?