It's hard not to notice that here in the United States of America, something is definitely changing. There has been a marked decline in personal liberty. Listen as Shawn and his guest talk about how California's Senate Bill 1146 could affect private Christian education.
Guest: Steig Westerberg


Episode Chapters

  • School Staff

    Starting at 38 min 
    11 sec

    How could staff members be affected?

  • American Religious Liberty Institute

    Starting at 39 min 
    17 sec

    What is it? Why was it started? How can it help you?

  • Christians in Politics - Why?

    Starting at 48 min 
    57 sec

    Why should Christians get involved in the political process at all?

  • What Can You Do?

    Starting at 55 min 
    14 sec

    What are some of the first steps to take if you're concerned about how this bill could affect you?