In the current day, many people have the sense that it's not business as usual—that something has changed and that there's been some sort of major upheaval. The problem is, no one really knows what that upheaval is. The book of Daniel, if read carefully from beginning to end, can explain a lot of what's going on around us today. Grab your Bible and follow along as Shawn and Jean continue their journey through the book of Daniel.


Episode Chapters

  • Daniel Requests a Different Diet

    Starting at 18 min 
    30 sec

    When he was a captive, Daniel requested that he be given food and drink that went along with the Bible's dietary regulations.

  • The Eden Diet

    Starting at 38 min 
    50 sec

    Daniel asked for vegetables and water. This diet that directly corresponds with Genesis chapter 1. God created the human race and gave them a plant-based diet.

  • Physically and Mentally Fit

    Starting at 46 min 
    40 sec

    God gave the four men knowledge and skill in all literature and wisdom.

  • Fasting Today

    Starting at 50 min 
    24 sec

    How does fasting apply to us today? Is it required of us in the Bible? Is it useful?