Reading through the Bible from beginning to end can be difficult for some of us. Sometimes it's better to study the Bible subject by subject. That way, you can go through the whole Bible and gather all the data it has to offer on a single topic. Today, Shawn Boonstra and Bible School Director Kurt Johnson read lesson #2 of the Discover Bible Study series. In it, they will find what sets the Bible apart from any other book in the world.
Guest: Kurt Johnson


Episode Chapters

  • How God Speaks to Us Through the Bible

    Starting at 23 min 
    20 sec

    After man sinned for the first time, the direct line of communication to God was no longer possible. So God used prophets to convey the message to us.

  • How Did All 66 Books Come Together?

    Starting at 36 min 
    34 sec

    The Bible is really more of a library than a book. How did these books come together to make up the Bible?

  • 3 Reasons We Can Trust the Bible

    Starting at 38 min 
    16 sec

    What are some reasons for us to truly believe the Bible is God's message to us?

  • How to Understand the Bible

    Starting at 46 min 
    18 sec

    Can we just open up the Bible and read it like we would read a novel? Are there principles and skills we can learn to make it a more rewarding experience?

  • Episode Notes

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