It's sometimes difficult to comprehend that the God of the universe would want to have a friendship with us. On today's program, Shawn Boonstra and Voice of Prophecy Bible School Director Kurt Johnson read through lesson #1 of the Discover Bible Study series. Follow along as they discover just how big God's love is for each one of us. Guest: Kurt Johnson


Episode Chapters

  • History of the Bible School

    Starting at 3 min 
    50 sec

    How and when was the Voice of Prophecy Bible School started?

  • Evidence of God's Existence

    Starting at 18 min 
    43 sec

    Scientists tell us that the delicate engineering of the human eye makes the most advanced cameras we have today look like a child's toy.

  • The Father's Example

    Starting at 47 min 
    25 sec

    Not everyone has positive feelings about fathers, but God, being perfect, sets the perfect example.

  • God the Son, God the Father

    Starting at 52 min 
    30 sec

    Jesus came to live as we do and to die for us, but He also came to show us God's character.

  • Episode Notes

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    Discover Lesson #1 - PDF

    Discover Bible School Phone # - 1-888-456-7933