Today's program focuses on a well-known Bible character: Solomon, a man who (by the world's standards) had every advantage in life. He was the son of a king, became a king, and had riches and all the information of the age at his disposal. Listen today as we journey with this character through his foolish steps into wisdom.
Guest: Omar Miranda


Episode Chapters

  • What Led Omar to Take This Journey?

    Starting at 3 min 
    05 sec

    Why did Omar feel compelled to dig deeper into this specific Bible character?

  • The Wisdom Books

    Starting at 9 min 
    55 sec

    What books from the Bible are traditionally known as the "wisdom books"?

  • Man's Wisdom vs. God's Wisdom

    Starting at 34 min 
    22 sec


    What does the Bible say about the differences between man's wisdom and God's wisdom?

  • 3 Ways We Can Benefit from That Wisdom Today

    Starting at 45 min 
    45 sec

    The benefits of this wisdom (which are highlighted in Ecclesiastes) can make a difference in your life today.