Prayer—it plays such an important role in each of our lives, whether we know it or not. Unfortunately, some people have never tried it, simply because they feel like they don't know how. In today's program, Pastor Mitch Williams shows how prayer is really just a personal talk with God, and it's something everyone can do!
Guest: Pastor Mitch Williams


Episode Chapters

  • What Is Prayer?

    Starting at 3 min 
    40 sec

    Some people have never uttered a prayer in their lives. What is prayer, exactly?

  • The Prayer Process

    Starting at 7 min 
    43 sec

    We don't need to memorize specific steps to take when praying. How can we make prayer a daily part of our lives?

  • Different Types of Prayer

    Starting at 24 min 
    00 sec

    There are different types of prayer, ranging from praying for ourselves to praying for others. We may also pray alone or in a group.

  • The Anointing Prayer

    Starting at 45 min 
    59 sec

    What is an anointing prayer? What makes it different from other types of prayer?