On today's program, Jean speaks with the only American who stayed in Rwanda during the genocide, which began on April 7, 1994. They discuss some of the tough decisions he and his family had to make during the mass slaughter, and look with hope to the healing that the country is experiencing today. Guests: Director/Co-founder of World Outside My Shoes - Carl & Teresa Wilkens


Episode Chapters

  • How Did Carl & Teresa End Up in Rwanda?

    Starting at 3 min 
    05 sec

    At the time, no one seemed to think much about this tiny little country. So what called their attention to this place?

  • Why Did the Genocide Happen?

    Starting at 5 min 
    50 sec

    Many people have probably learned about the genocide from movies, but what is the complete story about why this horrible event took place?

  • Forgiveness

    Starting at 42 min 
    23 sec

    How could people rebuild their trust in the community after so many of them had been betrayed by their own neighbors and members of the government?

  • World Outside My Shoes

    Starting at 45 min 
    30 sec

    Learn more about this educational non-profit organization that helps people affected by genocide become part of their community once again.