Amid all the uncertainty of this world, one thing that can give us real hope today is the promise of the Second Coming of Jesus. Today, Shawn and Jean read from the Bible to reveal what we can know for sure about the incredible event.


Episode Chapters

  • Does the Bible Teach the Second Coming?

    Starting at 17 min 
    26 sec

    Shawn still runs into people who say that the Bible doesn't actually say that Jesus will return.

  • Jesus' Return Will Be a Physical Event

    Starting at 22 min 
    23 sec

    When the Bible says that Jesus is coming again, it is describing a literal event.

  • Every Eye Will See Him

    Starting at 31 min 
    03 sec

    There is a theory going around that says Jesus will sneak into this world and quietly abduct all the Christians. Is it true?

  • The Great Sound of a Trumpet

    Starting at 35 min 
    23 sec

    The Bible says there will be a trumpet sound loud enough to wake the dead.

  • It Will Be Beautiful

    Starting at 46 min 
    04 sec

    This will be the biggest event in the history of the world. All of heaven will come to take us home!