Episode Chapters

  • Does the Bible Teach the Second Coming?

    Starting at 17 min 
    26 sec

    Shawn still runs into people who say that the Bible doesn't actually say that Jesus will return.

  • Jesus' Return Will Be a Physical Event

    Starting at 22 min 
    23 sec

    When the Bible says that Jesus is coming again, it is describing a literal event.

  • Every Eye Will See Him

    Starting at 31 min 
    03 sec

    There is a theory going around that says Jesus will sneak into this world and quietly abduct all the Christians. Is it true?

  • The Great Sound of a Trumpet

    Starting at 35 min 
    23 sec

    The Bible says there will be a trumpet sound loud enough to wake the dead.

  • It Will Be Beautiful

    Starting at 46 min 
    04 sec

    This will be the biggest event in the history of the world. All of heaven will come to take us home!