Today, Shawn is joined by his brother, Kevin, to talk about the current state of religious liberty. Historically, many of the religious liberty and social issues Canada faces early-on come to the United States soon after. Today, Shawn and Kevin look at the issues the U.S. might face in the very near future.
Guest: Kevin Boonstra, Vancouver area-based lawyer


Episode Chapters

  • The State of Religious Liberty in Canada

    Starting at 6 min 
    27 sec

    What does religious liberty look like in Canada?

  • Does Canada Have a State Religion?

    Starting at 7 min 
    56 sec

    The queen is the formal head of state, as well as the head of the Anglican Church.

  • Small Business Owners' Freedom to Say 'No'

    Starting at 17 min 
    17 sec

    This is one of the issues erupting in the U.S. right now.

  • The Case Against Trinity Western University

    Starting at 22 min 
    19 sec


    This private evangelical college had an issue with their education department and some of the lobbyists in British Columbia around 14 years ago.