In today's program Shawn speaks to the CEO of Asian Aid USA about "Operation Child Rescue." This incredible project involves breaking into buildings used for sex trafficking and freeing girls as young as eight years old. Guest: Jim Rennie, CEO of Asian Aid USA.


Episode Chapters

  • What Is Asian Aid?

    Starting at 1 min 
    56 sec

    An organization started by two women in a living room. They now have more than 9,500 sponsored children in schools.

  • Operation Child Rescue

    Starting at 15 min 
    43 sec

    An operation involved in the direct rescue of girls from the sex trade, and the rescue of girls and boys from the slave labor trade.

  • Meet Anita

    Starting at 33 min 
    26 sec

    The director of Operation Child Rescue in India.

  • The Rescue Process

    Starting at 40 min 
    11 sec

    Anita along with a team of about 12 men (including a few police officers) break into buildings used for sex trafficking, to try to rescue as many of the girls as they can.

  • Episode Notes

    Picture of Jim Rennie and the Ox


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