Today, we'll find out how the story of a jellyfish and its rear end is challenging evolutionary biology. We'll also ask if you can prove science and explore new discoveries that suggest your DNA can predict the future (sort of). Guest: Dr. Tim Standish, a scientist at California's Geoscience Research Institute.


Episode Chapters

  • How Do You Know Reality is Real?

    Starting at 12 min 
    19 sec

    Dr. Standish says thinking that your senses accurately reflect reality requires a certain kind of belief that you can't prove. This sounds a lot like faith.

  • Can You Prove Science?

    Starting at 15 min 
    48 sec

    The scientific method is useful for developing theories about our universe. But still, Dr. Standish says, science does not have a monopoly on truth. In fact, he says, science is built on metaphysics -- a branch of philosophy that goes beyond what you can prove and explores the nature of being.

  • The Jellyfish and its Rear End

    Starting at 47 min 
    00 sec

    Biologists have discovered that a certain type of jellyfish has its own version of a rear end. Find out how this discovery is challenging widely held beliefs in evolutionary biology.

  • Your Genes can Predict the Future

    Starting at 50 min 
    47 sec

    Well, sort of. Scientists have discovered that genes can learn from their experiences. In fact, as organisms grow, their genomes change at just the right moments to prepare for what's happening around them.