Same-sex marriage and same-sex rights are some of the most contentious issues that people are wrestling with today. Today's guest joins Shawn to share his personal story about his struggle with sexual orientation and how the support of his family played such an important role. Guest: Ron Woolsey


Episode Chapters

  • The experimental drug of this age

    Starting at 16 min 
    49 sec

    Almost every program on television has a gay character who is the life of the party, and makes that lifestyle seem very attractive.

  • Sin is addictive

    Starting at 17 min 
    45 sec

    People continue to seek bigger and better stimuli, whether it be alcohol, drugs or thrill-seeking.

  • Ron and his wife go to marriage counseling

    Starting at 19 min 
    10 sec

    Most counselors told his wife to leave him. They told her that once a person is gay, he or she will always be gay and can never change.

  • The "left behind" series

    Starting at 25 min 
    21 sec

    Not only did Ron's parents constantly pray for Ron, but they would often "forget" books in his home when they came to visit.

  • Ron answers the call to ministry

    Starting at 46 min 
    12 sec

    After running away from God for so long, Ron finally came back, and had the courage to tell people his story.