Do religious awakenings of the past really matter today? What can we learn from people like George Whitefield, John Wesley and William Miller? Will there be another "Great Awakening" in our day? Join Shawn, Jean and special guest Bill Knott as they explore these questions.


Episode Chapters

  • The first Great Awakening

    Starting at 4 min 
    36 sec

    A social phenomenon that helped change the direction of American culture. When did it take place? What was it?

  • George Whitefield

    Starting at 5 min 
    52 sec

    A towering figure in any time. If he were living in our century, he would probably still be a very well known evangelist.

  • John Wesley

    Starting at 29 min 
    30 sec

    He is considered to be a bridge between emotional and cultural revival experiences.

  • William Miller

    Starting at 46 min 
    25 sec

    Best know for his belief from studying the book of Daniel that Christian believers might expect the end of the world around the year 1843.

  • Is Western Christianity in need of a third great awakening?

    Starting at 55 min 
    35 sec

    Some people believe that it's already in the early stages.