America is a republic that has been self-governed "by the people" for close to 250 years. It has been traditionally thought of as a Christian nation. How was its government formed? Can we find similarities between America's government and government in the Bible?


Episode Chapters

  • God's original plan for us

    Starting at 10 min 
    02 sec

    How did God originally intend for humans to live? How was government supposed to work?

  • The first king mentioned in the Bible

    Starting at 18 min 
    16 sec

    Whenever something is mentioned for the first time in the Bible, it generally sets the standard for understanding that concept in the rest of the Bible.

  • Is God your King, or are you your king?

    Starting at 20 min 
    50 sec

    These two forms of government show up throughout the Bible and still apply to government today.

  • God allows people to have a human king

    Starting at 36 min 
    05 sec

    Though God was not in favor of it, He still allowed people to have a human king. But it was not without warning.

  • God gives His rules for having a human king

    Starting at 45 min 
    30 sec

    The rules that God put around a human king echo the principles that ended up forming the American republic.