More and more scientists today are admitting that there can be truth outside of science. But some “new atheists" say it just isn't so. They vehemently argue that you shouldn't believe in what you can't measure. Can you prove God? Can you prove science?


Episode Chapters

  • The New Atheists - Four Horsemen of the Non-Apocalypse

    Starting at 2 min 
    17 sec

    These four men brought attention to the debate about the question of the existence of God.

  • God or Nothing

    Starting at 12 min 
    29 sec

    Outside of an eternal existing God, what is the only other thing that doesn't need an explanation?

  • The Moral Argument

    Starting at 20 min 
    46 sec

    Where does morality come from?

  • Your worldview colors how you see things

    Starting at 35 min 
    00 sec

    We all see the same evidence, but our presuppositions color how we interpret the evidence. You can't get around this.

  • The Myth of Scientism

    Starting at 48 min 
    56 sec

    If science says it, then it must be true, right? Scientism says that there is no truth outside of science.