How could someone who lived and walked with Jesus turn around and betray Him? Shawn and Jean take a look at events that took place before, during, and after Judas' betrayal of Jesus to try to understand what exactly was going through his head.


Episode Chapters

  • What do we know about Judas from the Bible?

    Starting at 2 min 
    53 sec

    We don't know a whole lot about him but there are a few details that the Bible does give.

  • What motivated Judas to betray Jesus?

    Starting at 15 min 
    46 sec

    What events took place prior to the betrayal that might have driven Judas to make his decision?

  • Was Judas just a puppet of prophecy?

    Starting at 20 min 
    07 sec

    Did he have the freedom to not betray Jesus? Was he doing it against his will?

  • Could Judas have asked for forgiveness?

    Starting at 45 min 
    00 sec

    After the betrayal, could Judas have repented and asked for forgiveness?

  • What is the point of this story in the Bible?

    Starting at 48 min 
    33 sec

    Judas along with the other disciples went everywhere with Jesus. He heard Jesus pray and he had every oportunity to learn from Him. How does this apply to us?