Your cell phone is private, and no government should ever think of prying without a warrant, right? But what if your safety is in jeopardy? Shawn Boonstra speaks with a former police officer who would've loved to search your cell phone in the right circumstance.



Episode Chapters

  • When you don't need a warrant

    Starting at 12 min 
    02 sec

    The government doesn't always need a warrant. The U.S. Constitution includes an escape hatch for law enforcement. This is where the debate heats up!

  • Shawn gets caught: When you become a suspect

    Starting at 15 min 
    38 sec

    Before police can search you, they need to follow a chain of evidence. Find out how they use mere suspicion leads to probable cause.

  • Does the Constitution even matter?

    Starting at 45 min 
    40 sec

    The U.S. judicial system relies heavily on case law (i.e., past decisions), "without so much as a reference to the Constitution itself." Case law has become the guiding influence in many court decisions. So, does the Constitution matter?

  • What does this have to do with the Bible?

    Starting at 47 min 
    57 sec

    Overwhelming evidence indicates the framers of our Constitution based the document on influence from the Bible. But what happens when we take that influence away?

  • Privacy and Prophecy

    Starting at 51 min 
    15 sec

    History teaches us that human governments lean toward exerting more invasions of privacy, and often for seemingly good reasons. So, how much is too much? And where should we draw the line between safety, privacy and freedom?