Discovering Revelation – Attend Across North America Starting March 6

Pandemics. Natural disasters. Military and political turmoil. The alarming state of the world in 2020 is causing many to seek answers—particularly in the books of Revelation and Daniel. But much confusion and misunderstanding still surrounds these ancient texts.

This spring, churches across North America are partnering with the Voice of Prophecy to launch Discovering Revelation, an extensive series that seeks to demystify Bible prophecy. During this free event, local presenters will invite guests to join them in digging deep into the biblical and historical evidence, learning how to read prophecy for themselves and uncover its relevant truths. It all begins March 6—to learn more and to find a host location near you, visit

For those churches who are interested in hosting Discovering Revelation in the future, more info is available at

UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many hosts have had to put their Discovering Revelation presentations on hold, but plenty are offering virtual Bible study meetings in the meantime and continuing to dive deep into Scripture with guests. Check with your local speaker/host to see what they have on offer.