Dear Friend,

For the past 40 days, the Lord has enabled me to work 19 hours per day engaged in soul-winning for His kingdom. Combined with the dedicated efforts of many others, this work for the Revelation Speaks Peace Raleigh evangelistic campaign has produced wonderful results: 

  • More than 1,200 brand-new contacts engaged with the series during its four-week run.
  • A total of 231 people registered with the Bible school at the event.
  • Hundreds of Bibles were distributed (any individual who attended at least 10 nights received a free Bible).

God has shown me through this experience that there are people hungering and thirsting for the peace only God can provide. I want to share with you several testimonies from people who were baptized thanks to your prayers and financial support, which were invaluable in making this evangelistic campaign a huge success. 

Pat's Story

Pat was going about her regular routine and driving on the highway when she noticed a billboard advertising Revelation Speaks Peace in Raleigh. She was in total disbelief—four years ago, her sister had attended Revelation Speaks Peace in Minneapolis and had sent her the DVDs of the very same series! Could this be the same seminar? Pat turned her car around to make sure she had correctly seen the advertisement. Seeing that she was not mistaken, she wrote down the dates for the Raleigh series. 

When she later walked into the meeting tent, she “felt at home.” Previously, she had thought that the book of Revelation was scary and incomprehensible, but thanks to Revelation Speaks Peace, she discovered that the book is really about Jesus and His love for us. 

She admits that the topic of baptism was not easy for her. In her previous denomination, she had been sprinkled as a child, so the principle of immersion was hard to accept. 

However, since the seminar emphasized reading Scripture for herself to confirm the truth, rather than just taking someone’s word for it, her uneasiness fell away as she embraced what she found in God’s Word.

Pat wanted to express a “big thank you” to the Voice of Prophecy’s faithful supporters: “You don’t realize how many lives you are impacting in a very big way. I want to find my spiritual gifts and bring people to Jesus. This has been life-changing, and I can’t wait to see where God takes me!”

Naqirrah's Story

A friend texted Naqirrah a flyer for Revelation Speaks Peace Raleigh, and she thought she would possibly attend the event. The Lord made sure that Naqirrah didn’t forget that flyer, because when she later went to the recreation center to use a computer, she saw someone trying to download directions to the event. That incident triggered a definite interest, and she thought to herself, “I’ve got to go see what this is about.” She attended the opening night and found the presentation on Revelation so informative and engaging that she “didn’t want to go home” but wanted to “learn more and more.”

Naqirrah is so appreciative of the generosity of supporters like you. She shared: “Thank you! I may never have otherwise had the opportunity to get to learn more about the Bible or get baptized. None of this would have happened. May God continue to bless you and prosper you.”

Cristian's Story

Adults weren’t the only ones who were baptized. Thirteen-year-old Cristian has been attending a Spanish Seventh-day Adventist church since he was nine years old through the kindness of an aunt who would take him to church. He is the first person in his immediate family to attend church. 

I met so many wonderful people during my time in Raleigh, and unfortunately, there is not enough room in this letter to share all their stories. But I did want to add one more that really touched my heart.

Joyce and Peggy's Story

Joyce and Peggy met when they were both patients at a physical rehabilitation center. Joyce, who is Adventist, invited Peggy to attend her church. Joyce saw Revelation Speaks Peace advertised at her church and invited Peggy. They came on the fifth night of the series—and Peggy was, as she told us, “immediately hooked!” 

Joyce traveled 154 miles multiple days a week to bring Peggy to the presentations. Peggy was eventually baptized during the meetings. Joyce was overjoyed and said, “I was so excited when I found out that Peggy was getting baptized. Putting miles on my car was worth it.”

The series was completely free, but Peggy, who is 83 years old, is planning to buy Revelation Speaks Peace on DVD to present to her children so they can hear God’s remnant truth. She states, “My kids need to hear it . . . it’s the best $80 I will ever spend in my life.”

From 13-year-old Cristian to 83-year-old Peggy, God’s power to bring hope and joy through the promise of His soon coming was evident throughout Revelation Speaks Peace Raleigh. I’m asking for your support today so the Voice of Prophecy can continue to engage in soul-winning for God’s kingdom. 

What we have planned for next year will likely be the largest evangelistic endeavor in the Voice of Prophecy’s history—in which pastors across North America will take my series and preach it for themselves in their communities. The brand-new graphics will take your breath away. And I have typed out the full month of presentations word-for-word so they’ll have everything they need to preach this series. This will be a massive undertaking that will connect members of the local community with your church!

If Joyce was willing to drive 154 miles daily so that her friend could hear the truth, won’t you donate today so that God’s remnant truth can be proclaimed to people throughout the world? It’s one investment that will have eternal consequences.


Your brother in Christ,

Shawn Boonstra