Sponsors make incredible things happen at the Voice of Prophecy.

Voice of Prophecy Sponsors are vital to our ministry’s success. Their prayers and support continue to change lives for heaven. Through the generosity of our Sponsors, we debuted our continent-wide Discovering Revelation initiative, giving local church leaders the full retinue of our carefully curated evangelistic resources. We also reached thousands of new listeners with our radio programs Disclosure and Discovery Mountain, created our first Discovery Mountain VBS, and continued building relationships with local churches through our latest short series Final Empire.

It is a privilege to partner with our Sponsors to accomplish God’s mission of reaching the world before His return.

What is a Sponsor?

Sponsors are committed individuals and families who support the Voice of Prophecy with a gift of at least $100 per month or $1,200 per year.


This October, our Sponsors are invited to join us for one of our two virtual Sponsorship Connections weekends, October 16-17 or October 23-24.

Each weekend features a heart-touching message by Shawn Boonstra, a report of recent ministry endeavors, soul-stirring gospel music, an engaging Sabbath School study, and a full Discovery Mountain-themed children’s program.

Please make plans today to join us for one of our Sponsorship Connections events. Registration is easy! Call (800) 429-5700, or register online.

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