You Can Spread the Gospel in the Arctic

Partner with the Voice of Prophecy in providing resources and a church for the Arctic!

  1. We’ll create a Discover Bible School in the Inuktitut language. We have already translated the international version of this school into multiple languages, and now it's time for people in the Arctic to have a translation of their own!
  2. Chris Holland is spearheading the translation of the New Beginnings DVD series into Inuktitut. This will take some time to complete. We also have a few hurdles to overcome, because some people believe that the number of individuals in Canada’s Arctic doesn’t warrant the cost of translation. But who can put a price on the value of even one soul?
  3. We will establish a church in Igloolik. This will make a huge difference right now!

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You Can Provide a Home for Trafficked Girls in India

Human trafficking continues to be a worldwide problem. One of the countries impacted most is India. Impoverished girls from rural areas and neighboring countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal are drawn to the cities with promises of good jobs or marriage. Unfortunately, when the girls arrive, they are horrified to discover that the job or marriage proposal was merely a cover for a sex trade operative. Alone and defenseless, these girls have no hope of escaping this abusive, degrading life without your help.

You can give a trafficked teenage girl renewed life and hope. You can provide her with a safe home where she can heal emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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